Health & Beauty Holiday Gift Guide 2018 – Keep Looking Your Best

All items listed from most to least expensive.

FHI Heat Chrome Hair Dryer in Red

The FHI Heat Chrome Hair Dryer is one of the lightest and most powerful professional dryers on the market; it is the go-to and must-have for any age and any hair type.

$139.99  Buy now!

Restoration Body Oil by Green Helix

An all natural joint and muscle pain relieving body oil that was created to combat pain while leaving your skin rehydrated and protected from anti-oxidants. Bonus: also leaves your skin smelling divine

$139.99  Buy now!

Super Pure Tincture by Green Helix

The Super Pure Formula 900mg Full Spectrum CBD Tincture aids in full body homeostasis. This product is best for those seeking a full body benefit from our Full-Spectrum Cannabidiol Oil. Crafted for individuals who are seeking to attain a higher level of comprehensive full body wellness as well as relieve acute stress symptoms

$69.99  Buy now!

nyl Skincare

A true luxury that feels like velvet and makes your skin glow. We blend the highest quality oils known for their anti-aging and anti-inflammatory properties. The result is a dry oil that vanishes quickly into the skin, nourishes, moisturizes, and leaves a dewy radiance. High in vitamin C and antioxidants, it helps fight free radical damage, believed to contribute to the formation of wrinkles. Non-Comedogenic (won’t clog pores).

This serum nourishes and restores balance to all skin types and transforms mature skin. Use twice a day after cleansing. Work a few drops between fingertips and press into skin, a little goes a long way. Dab a little extra around eyes before bed.

$68.00  Buy now!


Resilience is a line of premium Cannabidiol (CBD) products that helps everyday athletes recover naturally. Launched in 2018 and headquartered in Denver, Colorado, Resilience was founded by U.S. Military Veterans seeking a solution to relieve both physical and mental tensions and wake up recharged for a new day. Resilience is dedicated to transparency, trust, community, and progress. Resilience is the champion for recovery. The Resilience line of premium CBD products are designed to ease pain and help reduce inflammation, increase physical and mental stamina and promote a sense of calm and well-being.

Resilience is committed to inspiring a community of everyday athletes to crush their goals, even on their toughest days. To fuel this commitment, Resilience has created ‘The Give & Rise Project,’ which gives each Resilience customer the opportunity to share the profound impact of CBD with a person they care about. 30 days after an initial Resilience purchase, customers will be able to gift one free product (of equal or lesser value) to a friend of their choice, to support and inspire them to rise to their best.

$50.00-$90.00  Buy now!

ENVIE Hair Straightening System

Not only can you do this AT HOME, it will also refresh your look with a formula that keeps hair straight for up to 90 days. This easy, four-step process contains safe, non-damaging, toxic-free ingredients that leave you with zero negative side effects. ENVIE provides healthier, shinier, smoother and softer hair than their competitors. The formula is free from sulfates, parabens, phthalates and formaldehyde-releasing preservatives, protecting its users from cancer-causing chemicals and unwanted hair damage.

$34.99  Buy now!

Deew Beauty – Highly Nourishing Crèmes

Embrace your higher health — Deew Beauty and Wellness’ Highly Nourishing Crèmes elevates your skincare routine to a soulful ritual while supporting a holistic approach to physical health and well-being. Each creme is full of vitamins, minerals and is rich in nourishing essential fatty acids that absorb easily into the skin. All products focus on skin energizing, skin protecting, and anti-aging, while promoting focus and/or sense of calm.

Deew Beauty and Wellness’ Highly Nourishing Crèmes are available online in two different scents – CHILL: Relax & Unwind your skin.  Scent: Lavender, Patchouli, Bergamot. UPLIFT: Uplift & Energize your skin. Scent: Spearmint, Peppermint, and Rosemary. Each jar is packed with omega fatty acids which sink deep into your skin leaving it nourished and “deewy.” Vegan, tested on humans not animals, made in Canada, 100% legal. 

~$28.97 ($38.00 CAD)  Buy now!


Say hello to Gấc a new super-fruit infused health and beauty water. Packed with 90 different healing compounds, it’s your all-natural drinkable health and beauty boost. Keeping you healthy, hydrated, and protected, Gấc still and sparkling waters offer the highest amount of all-natural antioxidant carotenoids with no added sugar, free from preservatives and unwanted chemicals, and weighs in at less than 25 calories per bottle.

Gấc is infused with gac fruit — a rare superfruit indigenous to Southeast Asia that is also known as the “fruit from heaven” packed with age-defying antioxidants, including carotenoids, polyphenols, as well as Vitamins A, C & E. Each can contains 20mg of carotenoids which can be used by your body to increase collagen levels, skin elasticity, improve hydration and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. To get that many carotenoids in your body you’d have to eat 1 regular size head of cabbage, 5 large tomatoes, 15 large carrots, and 30 bunches of spinach.This new tasty beauty boost is available in six flavors: lemon, pineapple, peach, sparkling mango, sparkling lemon, and sparkling passion fruit.

$24.00 per six-pack  Buy now!

Wowe Lifestyle

As you think about getting all dolled up for the season’s festivities, why not use products that works to save the Earth?
It’s estimated that about 2 billion razors and almost 50 million pounds of plastic toothbrushes are thrown into landfills every year. All that plastic can take up to 1,000 years to decompose and can even leak pollutants into the surrounding soil and water. With that said, it’s time to make a difference with Wowe Lifestyle this holiday season by investing in hygienic essentials like Bamboo Razors and Toothbrushes. The Double Edge Safety Razor is made with a smooth and natural bamboo handle for a sleek modern look and it’s eco-friendly, repels water and won’t splinter. The Natural Bamboo Toothbrush Pack comes with four toothbrushes that will last one person a full year, making it easy to remove bad bacteria.
  • The Bamboo Toothbrush and the Double Edge Razor are 100% plastic free zero wasting packages
  • Smooth and natural bamboo handle will never splinter and is water resistant
  • 100% BPA free
  • Packaging made from 100% recycled material
  • One percent of sales are donated to One Tree Planted

$11.97-$21.97  Buy now!

Lip Freak Tints Buzzing Lip Balm – COMPLETE SET

All four original Lip Freak Tints shades.  An electrifying lip balm with light-weight, buildable color for healthy lips all year long. Lip Freak Tints are 100% natural have the signature “buzz” you love, with color that literally pops in four nourishing and richly pigmented shades. With a color for every occasion, collect all four to match your evolving moods. Whether it’s date night, weekend brunch, or time for a new tat – – Lip Freak Tints has got your lips covered.

Finally! Vibrant color with no bad ingredients, our shades are so vibrant you’ll forget all about lipstick!

$19.95  Buy now!

Honestly Margo’s Bubble Fizz Bath Powder

Unlike the bath bomb, Bubble Fizz is in its original, loosened powder form and is stored in a compact jar that allows users to pour as much or as little into their baths for a personalized fizzing, bubbling and shimmering experience! Offered in six different scents. The photo is MELODY, Orange Sorbet.

$19  Buy now!


Purequosa is a unique cleansing body spray that nourishes the skin, fights odor-causing bacteria, and requires no additional water. The perfect on-the-go solution for yogis, bikers, CrossFit enthusiasts, and all other lifestyles, active or not.

$16.00  Buy now!

Sunshine & Glitter

All you daydreamers and night thinkers, we concocted this just for you to glitter vamp it up! PABA and paraben-free, infused with antioxidants and essential nutrients, this magical potion leaves your skin feeling bewitching.

Moisturizing potion with black holographic glitter.

$14.95  Buy now!


EverSmile WhitenFresh is a patented cleaning, freshening and tooth whitening spray that also kills bacteria that cause bad breath and tooth decay. WhitenFresh is perfect for refreshing your breath after a meal or before an important meeting. Used regularly, WhitenFresh can prevent coffee stains from ever setting in and will work to correct wine and smoking stains.

Because WhitenFresh uses a low dose of hydrogen peroxide, it does not cause the sensitivity you experience with whitening strips and gels and can be used safely up to 6 times per day. Keep your WhitenFresh in your pocket or purse all day long to freshen breath and whiten teeth. Be striking.

$11.99  Buy now!

Natrol Hair, Skin & Nails Gummies

Enjoy beautiful hair, skin and nails with great tasting, raspberry flavored Hair, Skin & Nails gummies. Natrol Gummies are made with organic ingredients and are non-GMO, gelatin-free and vegetarian. Natrol Hair, Skin & Nails Gummies deliver 5,000 mcg of biotin in just two gummies, making them one of the most nutrient-dense Hair, Skin & Nails gummies available.

$7-$15  Buy now!

Leader’s Cosmetics

The Açai berry, from the Amazonian rainforest in Brazil, is an antioxidant powerhouse that will purify and neutralize the effects of pollution on the skin. Vitamin C, B, and E help protect, fortify and rejuvenate skin. Coconut Gel Mask!

$6.00  Buy now!

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