Evenings with V – A Celebration of Spiritual Guidance with Vanessa Petronelli

November 17, 2018 @ 5:00 PM – 10:00 PM
6365 Selma Avenue Los Angeles
CA 90028
Photo Courtesy of Vanessa Petronelli


Our world is in the midst of GREAT change.

2018 has been in an intense, life altering year filled with great transformation and plenty of challenge.

The world is READY and waiting for YOU, the heart-driven leader to embody more of WHO YOU ARE and operate from your most grounded, authentic and fullest expression.

If you’ve landed here, maybe you are…

  • A global or community changemaker, visionary, healer or spiritual leader on an accelerated path of personal and spiritual mastery desiring to continue to deepen your connection to the entire Universe and your true self.
  • Ready for greater clarity and vibrational alignment to your mission and your highest version of yourself.
  • Feeling the urgency to be on the cutting edge of consciousness work and humanity’s transition forward to create a new Earth.
  • Wanting greater access and information to support you in your leadership and purpose from higher dimensions and beings of light and be able to bring that information into your daily life and mission in a grounded and strategic way.

If so, you’re invited to join Vanessa as she takes you and a group of fellow leaders and influencers on an exquisite, interactive journey of guided meditation, galactic transmissions, clearings and upgrades.

This is event will also include Q&A and strategic guidance that will activate your entire being, take you to new levels of consciousness and awareness that will permanently shift your day-to-day life experience as a human being and leader in humanity’s transition forward.

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